Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mariana trench

I knew the Mariana Trench was deep.  But this graphic really makes it hit home.  I never realized that whales only go about 350 ft deep.  It doesn’t seem that deep does it?



I couldn’t figure out how to track back to this but thought it was a good post at Cultural Offering.  Since I am an engineer I see this all to frequently.  It is really frustrating working with these types of people.

The refuge of minutia

Lacking in substance, they seek refuge in minutia.  You know the type.  They excel at picking fly shit from the pepper.  They pull out their micrometer to measure the Grand Canyon’s yawn.  They find a million variations of agreement.  They pick through the obvious meaning to find confusion.  Theirs is a world of endless revision, of equivocation, of satisfying meaningless adjustments.  They are the sea lawyers, the bureaucrats and the planners.

The world moves on.