Theo fluery talks about penn state

Theo Fluery talks about what he experienced when he was a hockey player playing juniors in western Canada and what he thinks should have been done to help these kids.

We would all hope that if we were in this situation we would have the courage to do the right thing.  I have thought about this story a lot over the past few days.  What would I have done in the same situation if I found out one of my good friends had done this.  I would hope that I would have had the courage to do the right thing.  Having three kids makes the decision much easier I think.  I give no defense for any of the actions of the people involved in this horrific situation in Penn State.  Think about it from their points of view (that is knowing as little as I do about the story since I haven’t kept up on all the articles).  The graduate assistant – he is a graduate assistant trying to make it in the competitive world of Division 1 football coaching.  He sees what is happening and reports it to a person in a very high profile position.  What his thoughts were after that are unknown but put yourself in his shoes at that time in his life.  Would you, without hind sight, made a different choice than he did.  Or Joe Paterno, a friend and confidant of the molestor for more than 25 years.  You receive a report from a graduate assistant about a good friend and make a choice.  You give it to someone else to follow through on.  In their positions would you have done something different.  As I said we all hope we would have, but are you sure?

Let me know what you think

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