Band of brothers – the leader

Another excellent link from execupundit about Major Dick Winters from the series and book by the same name “Band of Brothers”.  I first read the book by Stephen Ambrose, then when I had free HBO for a year, watched the series.  The series was a spectacular telling of the experiences of this group of young men who fought through D-day to the end of the war.

I found myself watching the series over and over each time it was on TV, picking up new observations every time I watched it.  I found myself rooting for the men of Company E even though I knew what would happen.  I would tear up when one of them died.  It is a very powerful story and comes as close as I think any story could come to allowing the audience to understand what it was like for the men of Company E.  My wife bought the DVD set for me for Christmas and I have watched it many times.  I think that what most interests me are the interviews with these men.  They are very humble unassuming men, not so different from my father-in-law who also served in Europe during the war.

2 thoughts on “Band of brothers – the leader

  1. David Navarre

    Coach, I watch it often. The part I’ve the most is the attack on Foy, which I use to teach a leadership session for Boy Scouts. We examine the roles of each of the leaders in that attack and discuss how they handle themselves. Then, being boys, they watch the whole thing, enthralled by it. Hopefully, when they leave that day, they take my admonition and try to learn from the leaders, like Dick Winters, that they see in Band of Brothers and in every war movie they see from then on….


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