When can the american flag be displayed?

Here is an article from The Volokh Conspiracy about a case that was just decided regarding the display or wearing of an American flag at a high school in California.  I think it was the wrong decision.  As happens many times in government institutions management takes the path of least resistance.  In this case a few students wore American flags on or as clothing during a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Some of the Mexican American students were offended, complained to the principal and the students with the American flag clothing were sent home to change.  The hard thing to do would have been to tell the complainers to understand that this is America and no matter what day it is, it is always appropriate to wear an American flag.  But the easy way would be to avoid controversy and tell the small group of flag wearers to change their clothes.

This happens all too often in government and in my opinion explains why there is so much waste and inefficiency in government.

Let me know what you think

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