Grammer and spelling

One of the unstated reasons, well now stated, for this blog is to allow me to write more frequently.  Hopefully this practice will improve my writing.  I found my first glaring error on the blog in two locations.  The web address and the title of the blog.

I wanted to be slightly creative with my blog address and name, and I think I did a fairly good job of it.  But in both cases the grammer was incorrect.  The name of the blog is a “Hockey Coach’s Corner of the World”.  That is the correct way it should be written.  In the site address and the name I used the incorrect grammer and used the plural of coach – coaches – rather than the possessive – coach’s.

I made the change to the title but I guess I am stuck with the web address.  So the web address will forever be the plural rather than the possessive.  Horrible.

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