2 thoughts on “Rebuttal to the 99%

  1. Pj

    I would have to Totally disagree as would the Congressional Budget Office a non-partisan government agency. The writing style of the article is clearly and severly biased to the 1% along with defying logic along with supportive economic data. You may consider reading any articles from Instapundit with a very large grain of salt. Journalism is supposed to be non-biased reporting of facts something the writer of this article clearly does not understand or maybe the facts don’t follow IBD’s business model.

    1. hockeycoach5 Post author

      PJ – Regardless of the source of the article there are very specific references to data that can be analyzed. That is the thing about this article and much of what I am archiving for myself. There is reference to data sources or arguments that I support. If you can refute the data presented then I will glady agree with you. Otherwise I have to disagree.


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