Monthly Archives: December 2011

Entitlement Mentality

This article, though anecdotal, is disturbing.  Social services are necessary to get people through those rough patches in life.  However, when you start to consider it a right, take advantage of the goodness of others, or many other disturbing things represented in this article, it makes people like me rethink their position on public assistance.  I recently read a story retold about a man growing up during the depression.  He noted that they took only the assistance they needed, tried to always to look like they weren’t on assistance and always looking for opportunity to get off the assistance.  Today there are too many that treat assistance as a right that cannot be taken away and expect special treatment because of it.

If I were Poor

Megan McCardle actually calls her article “If I Were a Poor Black Kid,” but it is appropriate to poor people in all races.  Some may think it is patronizing.  I think it is someone making a thoughtful attempt to look at being poor from the poor person’s point of view.  I can’t recall that ever being done.  Most if not all of her points make a lot of sense.