The space between perfect and good enough and complex and simple

One of my favorite quotes is “Perfect is the enemy of good enough” or something to that affect.  As an engineer I run into this problem all the time.  Engineers tend to redesign things ad infinitum because they think they can always make it better.  I am sure they can but does it meet the schedule or budget?  Are the improvements within the scope of work or are you giving the client a Cadillac when all they asked for and paid for was a Chevy?

A similar problem is that of complexity or simplicity.  I have seen solutions to complex problems that were simple and straight forward.  However, my engineering colleagues didn’t want to use that solution becuase we: “have to show the client that we really thought through his problem” or we have to make it look complex because we spent so much money making it perfect.

This issue is summarized with a photo and some text in this post yesterday on Execupundit.


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