Give your children the gift of poverty

Well not really.  I am reading the “Grapes of Wrath” and the living conditions of these people, even those that had jobs, would put the “poor” of today to shame.  But these are the conditions that made the “Greatest Generation” what they became.  It strengthed their resolve and allowed them to face conditions that would dibilitate people today.  A great article from PJ Media.

1 thought on “Give your children the gift of poverty

  1. vixytwix

    I am also reading The Grapes of Wrath at present. I agree with you wholeheartedly about learning resolve through tough times. My father often talked to us about his life growing up during the Depression and we were raised to value everything, take nothing for granted and work hard. My mother was a Polish refugee during WWII and she taught me the value of living simply and not over-giving to your children. I have often heard a teenager remark “I’m not doing that job, I don’t want to work there”. They could never imagine a time when there were no jobs, food, homes or money. Great post, got me thinking. Enjoy the rest of the book.


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