Economic Uncertainty

Here is an article from the Volokh Conspiracy about the uncertainty in government and its effects on business.

Many Obama supporters cannot understand why companies are not hiring.  They have lot’s of cash and there are no additional regulations that have been implemented in the last couple of years that are taking effect now and tax rates are still at the levels they were when Bush was president.

In my opinion and some others’ it is the uncertainty with government and regulation.  Although there are just as many that don’t believe that this is the cause.  However, why hire or expand when a year down the road that expansion or additional employees could result in higher costs from some unforeseen regulation.  Business owners can’t be sure that this type of thing won’t happen.  As a result people are holding their money close and waiting things out.




1 thought on “Economic Uncertainty

  1. Two-Sided News

    In China they say “When a storm is approaching, some build a wall and some build wind mills” I guess most companies are building walls now.


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