Makers and Takers

In this article in Forbes the author compares those who take, that is those with government jobs, to those who make, those who have been successful in the private sector.

This has become a disturbing theme among politicians.  Those whose whole life has been spent making money off of the government in one fashion or another disparage those who have earned money (in some cases lot’s of it) in the private sector.  There always seems to be something wrong with the way they have done it.  Primarily the criticism revolves around decisions that were made that have resulted in layoffs or plant closings.  If these government employees were ever involved in the private sector they might realize that these decisions are a necessary part managing to be successful.  But alas, this is the problem with career politicians or those politicians who have never served in an executive capacity, like Gingrich and Obama.

I like Gingrich because he isn’t afraid to call people out on their decisions, but on the other hand he has never had to make the tough choices an executive has to make.  That is why I would vote for either Romney or Perry.  Romney is more to my liking because he is more moderate than Perry.  I am concerned with both on their ability to debate with Obama.  That is a weakness for both.


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