What Are Our High Schools For

An article from the Mercury News in Silicon Valley by Matt Krupnik about the increasing need for remedial classes in California Colleges and Universities.  It has always been my assumption that California elementary and secondary schools were among the top schools in the nation.  They spend a lot (I know a great technical term) on education to try to get the kids ready for college, unionized teachers with better training (supposedly) than non-unionized states.  But It appears that that California colleges and universities are facing a substantial need to provide remedial classes for entering freshman in math and english.

According to the article:

The remedial numbers are staggering, given that the Cal State system admits only freshmen who graduated in the top one-third of their high-school class. About 27,300 freshmen in the 2010 entering class of about 42,700 needed remedial work in math, English or both.

That is over half of the student entering the system.  How in God’s name did these students end up in the top third of their class.  Our economy is in trouble if this is the education our “top” students have coming out of high school.

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