First time eReader User

Last year my brother decided that he wanted to get my mother an eReader for her birthday.  Not a bad thought.  However, you must realize that my mother’s understanding of electronics is to turn on the computer and go right to Facebook through a shortcut on the desktop.  That is her extent of computer use.  Furthermore, her reading consists of Chicken Soup for the Soul type books and cook books.  Why my brother thought is was a good idea I will never know.  Being the dummy that I am sometimes, I thought it would be a good idea to go in on it with him, not knowing that the Barnes and Noble Color Nook was over $200.

It was too late to change my mind.  I had already committed to it and my brother had already made the purchase.  So over the past 9 months I have been trying to get my mother to use it by showing her how to buy books and get books from the library.  Her extent of use is, you guessed it, Facebook.  She has purchased 2 books and read about 10 pages in each.  She “doesn’t have the time,” my 70-year-old retired mother.  My kids used it more often to play games that she downloaded for them.

I have been thinking of purchasing an eReader, but wasn’t sure if I would like it or not.  I “stole” the nook from my mother over Christmas and have used it for one book so far.  I am not sure that I yet have an opinion on the preference of an eReader over a real book.  It is easy on the eyes and there isn’t a glare if there is no light directly behind you.  Not sure how it would work on vacation by the pool or on the beach.  Hopefully I will get to try it out down south.

About 5 years ago my wife forced me to stop buying books because of the cost and our lack of shelf space in the house.  I began taking them out of the library and it has worked out pretty well.  On the other hand I found that there are a limited number of eBooks available from our library.  I have started looking for free books from Barnes and Noble but not sure where else I can look.  The search goes on and my mother has not even asked me where the nook is.  My birthday is tomorrow maybe she can make it my birthday present.



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