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The Privilege of Being American?

A spectacular piece by Lawrence Lindsey in the Wall Street Journal.  He hit every point perfectly.  Government is run by the consent of the governed, not the other way around.  It is a privilege to be elected to govern in the US, not a privilege to be governed by those that think they are smarter than everyone else.


New Job

A combination of events has really restricted my posting of links to articles I have read.  The first is that I have a new job.  After being laid off for 2 and a half months that is a good thing.  I am in the job “honeymoon” period and it is a great job so far.  A lot of autonomy and responsibility.  It is a night and day difference from my previous job and very refreshing.  The second is that I have a goal of 50 books this year.  As a consequence just about every free moment, of which there are few, I am reading.  Not such a bad thing to be reading, but it takes the place of time I can post here.

Hockey season is coming to an end.   It is hard to believe, but the youth and high school seasons end in February and through the end of February to the first week in April it is playoffs, states and nationals.  One of the teams I am coaching is going to States only because we are hosting it.  Another is on the bubble and a third has no chance unless a miracle occurs.  For me hockey will end about mid march.

Travel soccer season will start to ramp up.  No coaching there just a dad in the stands or sidelines as it were.  My oldest will be trying out for JV lacrosse.  I am looking forward to watching that. 

But without hockey I will have plenty of time on my hands.  I will have to fill it with something.  Looks like golf will have to be the filler.  I cannot wait.