Good Run

Tonight I needed a good run to beat me up and get rid of the stress of the day.  I played hockey last night so I was a little stiff and sore.  My back hurts the most after a night of hockey.  So after running the trails in the local park on Tuesday and playing hockey last night my body wasn’t really ready to start running.

My first 50 feet of the run I must have looked ridiculous, all hunched over and rocking from side to side up to the end of my street.  Because of the soreness I couldn’t find a good pace.  I went from 10:30 pace to 8:05 and back to 9:30.  The whole run was like that.  In the end I made it 7 miles and was thoroughly whipped by the finish.  Good run that help get rid of the stress of the day and let me think through the problems that need to be resolved.

Back to the woods on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Good Run

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