Romneycare and Obamacare – The Difference

I have seen many articles and statements that ask is Romney going to get around Romneycare when he attacks Obamacare.  I finally found a great article comparing the two.  When you really get into the details and the history of things the cacophony of noise from the media (MSM and blogs of all persuasions) you find out some interesting information.

The linked post is from a writer at Forbes by way of Cultural Offering.  Here is the quote from Cultural Offering’s post:

“But Obamacare owes as much, if not more, to [Deval] Patrick’s implementation of the 2006 law, than it does to Romney’s original design. According to a Boston Herald report from April 2006, ‘Democrats privately and publicly grumbled over the headline treatment being lavished on Romney by the national press for a bill they say is more of the state Legislature’s making than the governor’s.’

Romney vetoed the employer mandate; Democrats in Boston and Washington imposed one. Romney sought to require individuals to purchase inexpensive catastrophic insurance; Democrats in Boston and Washington forced individuals to buy costly, comprehensive plans. Romney sought a diverse market of insurance plans for small businesses; Democrats in Boston and Washington restricted insurance choices to three generous tiers.

And this is all before you get to the important differences between a state-based health reform plan and a federal one. ‘Our health care plan was not designed for 50 states,’ Romney said in April 2006. ‘It was designed for one state. We’re going to have an experiment the other 49 states can look at, elements they can adopt.”

Very enlightening.


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