This is a great post. My kids are out in front of my house either playing or doing yard work most weekend days. The older neighbors always say it is so nice seeing your kids outside all the time and the younger neighbors ask how to get their kids outside. Then I get the comments about how could I let my 9 year old mow the lawn while I am sitting in a chair watching. It is very easy.


Hi Folks! Here’s a post from a fellow writer who’s also a friend: Denise Schipani. She’s got a new book out, too! (See below.) —  L. 

Mean Moms Rule by Denise Schipani

My son’s 9-year-old friend, Luke, mows the lawn at his house.

A generation ago, legions of 9-year-olds would be out in back and front yards in every suburb in America, revving mowers and cutting the grass – and no one would think a thing of it. In fact, they might think it odd if, say, they saw a landscaping company mowing, while the 9-year-old was being chauffeured to a supervised activity at an indoor sports arena instead.

These days, at least where I live, Luke looks odd out there on the lawn. I bet it also looks odd when he and his little brother are waist-deep in the engine of their mom’s car, as their dad, our friend Dan…

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