Running training

One of my goals this year was to run a marathon.  I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I have heard it is an amazing experience.  I cannot wait to run it.  I cannot believe I just wrote that.  The training will be hard but I think once I start running a lot I will get to my goal.  Last year after running my second half marathon of the year I did 15 miles two times without any trouble.  We shall see how it goes this year.

I am doing the race with a couple friends who have both previously done the MCM.  I am going to run two halfs this summer by mid July.  That and running some pretty hilly trails by my house should get me well on my way there.  Just have to make sure I put in the miles and do some speed work.

I won’t be able to follow a set program because I love running the trails.  But that is hard.  I have no trouble doing 8 miles at 9 minute mile pace on the road, but get on the trails and between the hills and the tree roots I am exhausted after 6 and the average pace is about 12 min/mile.  But boy what a good workout.  The guys I run with all agree that running 6 miles on the trails is like running 9 or 10 miles on the road.

And so it begins.




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