Grade Redistributionists For Fairness

I found this article about a group of students at Carthage College that are signing a petition to have the grades of the highest 10% redistributed to the those with lower grades to help them graduate.  It is a pretty funny analogy to the redistribution of income from the wealthy to the poor. 

Can you imagine putting all that hard work to get really good grades and then someone saying, we are going to average it all out and give everyone a B.  Imagine how mad you would be.  Now imagine you own a business and have been working your tail off to make your successful.  Then someone comes along and says you are too successful so we are going to take some of your money and give it to your neighbor, because he hasn’t been as successful as you.  That is what our President is trying to do.  That is only fair you say.  Well the successful businessman will soon learn to not be so successful and we all will suffer because of it.

Let me know what you think

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