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Hot Day, Fast Run

I was driving home from work last night and looked at the thermometer in my car.  It read 94 degrees.  I thought to myself do I really want to run tonight.  On top of that I went out to lunch with my boss and ate a lot, forgetting that I was going to run after work.  So my lunch was still sitting in my stomach when I got home.  If I wasn’t meeting one of my friends to run I would probably have said no and not ran.  But when training with someone it is much harder to skip a workout.  I called my buddy and suggested we run later, but do to our busy schedules this was the most convenient time to run. 

So at 5 pm with the tempurture hovering around 90 degrees we took off for a 7 mile run.  After running a mile we decided to make it only a 6 mile run.  It was really hot.  Luckily there were some people watering their lawns, so without any trepidation we just walked into their front yards and played in their sprinklers for a minute or so to cool off.

We were doing pretty well considering the heat.  Much of the route was in the shade and there was a slight breeze.  We got to about 4 and a half miles and ran out of shade.  We were running through the small business district and it is all pavement and concrete.  We were running right into the sun so there wasn’t even shade from the buildings.  On top of that the street was packed with cars.  The blazing sun combined with the pavement and cars had to bring the temperature close to 100.  We picked up the pace to get to the next section that was all shade. 

We hit the shade with about a mile to go and all I could think about was getting home to hit the sprinkler and have an ice cold gatorade.  My buddy picked up the pace and we were running fairly fast for us, about a 7:50 mile pace.  We hit the 6 mile mark on the garmins and stopped.  We were dead.  It was so hot our clothes were dry.  The water and sweat had evaporated.

We got back to my house and hit the sprinkler.  I walked into the house to grab a couple of gatorades and find out my boys drank the rest of it during the day.  What a let down.

It was a good run.  We pushed eachother when we probably would have stopped or slowed down if running on our own.  We did the 6 miles in 52 minutes.  Another training session down.  Adding an extra day of running to the training beginning tomorrow.  4 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.  Let’s hope it isn’t as hot the next two days.





Trail Running

Tonight I went out with some buddies on our regular Tuesday night trail run in Chestnut Ridge Park.  I should say that I went out by myself after not paying attention to the meet time on the weekly email.  It was a half hour earlier than usual because we were having a cookout after the run.

I get there at the normal time and no one is around.  So I set off on my own along a route I assume I remember.  This may take some explanation.  I usually run with other guys who know the trails here like the back of their hand.  Consequently, I don’t pay very close attention to where we are going.  I have a Garmin Forerunner with the saved routes so that helps sometimes.  Tonight, however, I decided to be adventurous.  I turned on the courses feature on the watch and tried to use that in conjunction with my memory of some of the trails.  It was a failure.  I never ended up going where I wanted to, but in the end found my way to the simplest route on the trails.  Because of my adventures I ended up running about 7.5 miles.  I should say that I walked and ran about 7.5 miles.

I am going to be pretty tired tomorrow.  Next time I end up running by myself I will plan a little better.




Marathon Training

So back in, a few months ago, I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.  That is the only way that I would train for it.  I am doing it with 3 friends and we started training last week.  Did 11 this morning.  It is much easier to run with a group of people.

the mental game

Funny thoughts.

years of jubilee

Getting back into running has surprisingly been much easier than I thought it would be. From what I had observed, I thought it would be nearly impossible to find time to run; my endurance would be shot; and suddenly running would just be much less important in the face of all the all-consuming mothering I was going to be doing.

But one thing a friend of mine told me while I was pregnant is that in general, we tend to find time in our lives for the things that are important to us. It might not be everything we want — I haven’t finished the baby hat I started before Will was born, for instance, and those flower beds out back are still choked with weeds — but in time, we make room for the important things. That thought was a big relief, and now I’m finding that for me…

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