Trail Running

Tonight I went out with some buddies on our regular Tuesday night trail run in Chestnut Ridge Park.  I should say that I went out by myself after not paying attention to the meet time on the weekly email.  It was a half hour earlier than usual because we were having a cookout after the run.

I get there at the normal time and no one is around.  So I set off on my own along a route I assume I remember.  This may take some explanation.  I usually run with other guys who know the trails here like the back of their hand.  Consequently, I don’t pay very close attention to where we are going.  I have a Garmin Forerunner with the saved routes so that helps sometimes.  Tonight, however, I decided to be adventurous.  I turned on the courses feature on the watch and tried to use that in conjunction with my memory of some of the trails.  It was a failure.  I never ended up going where I wanted to, but in the end found my way to the simplest route on the trails.  Because of my adventures I ended up running about 7.5 miles.  I should say that I walked and ran about 7.5 miles.

I am going to be pretty tired tomorrow.  Next time I end up running by myself I will plan a little better.




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