A Good Man Who Happens to be a Great Golfer

Today I will participate in the last scramble tournament of the year.  The foursome will be the same as in previous years and should be a good day.  One of the members of our foursome is my gym teacher from middle school, or junior high school as we called it back then.  He is a great guy with an unbelievable memory.  He started teaching back in the 60’s and can remember students names like he had them last year.  The stories he tells on these golf outings are incredible.

On top of that he is an unbelievable golfer.  When he was in college left handed clubs were hard to come by so he bought right handed clubs although he was left handed.  No too hard to do because I think I would have been left handed if I had left handed clubs to learn with.  But he was good.  For a time he was the golf coach at my high school and for a time was an instructor at a country club near where I live.  The amazing thing about all this is that he now also plays left handed.  He taught him self how to play left handed so he could look at right handed players while he was teaching them.

He is now in his 70’s and regularly scores in the high 60’s low 70’s with either hand.  His swing is effortless and he can still crush the ball.  I was talking to him a few weeks ago and he said he finally figured it out.  He plays his best when he uses his right handed woods and his left handed irons.  Incredible.


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