You know what I like about this blog?  It helps me become a better writer.  Okay, if you look back at my posts, most of them are simply references to other articles.  Going forward I am going to try to write some more, even if I only reference other articles.

I have two weaknesses when it comes writing.  The first is that I write like I am making a list.  It seems to me, but maybe not others, that the writing is stilted.  I will write like an engineer listing out things I have observed during an inspection or an analysis, or listing out steps in a calculation.  A previous boss of mine hated this about my writing, he said it did flow.  He was right, it didn’t.  The second weakness is that I get bored easily or have a short attention span, I am not sure which it is.  As I write this I am thinking to myself, “How much more do I have to write to get my point across?”

Hopefully, I can at least address my first weakness in this process.  I suspect that someone who reads this might say, this guy is a horrible writer, he has more problems than these.  So be it.  I am looking to improve any way I can.


Let me know what you think

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