I start again

It has been 3 months since I last posted.  My plan was to really take some time and think about posts and work on my writing.  The best laid plans as they say.

My life has been a whirlwind over the past 3 months, mainly due to coaching.  I hesitate to list my schedule because it just seems too much like complaining.  I have continued to read some of my favorite blogs including Instapundit, Althouse, Cultural Offering and Execupundit.  There are many others that I look through and pick up things here and there but these are the main ones I hit every day.

I like Instapundit for the links.  Great links that give you information that you cannot find on the main news pages.  When I point people to this site they say “This guy is really conservative.”  I don’t know.  Maybe but I prefer to think of him pointing out things that the main sites ignore.  He, Glen Reynolds, links to the Washington Examiner site a lot.  What I like to look at the articles for are facts and references.  It makes me think about things in a different light.  I do additional research into items that I want to understand better.

Althouse.  Now that is a good one for the comments.  There are the regulars and people pipe in.  Both coservative and liberal.  Again these comments provide all sides of an argument.  Bring up points that don’t make it to the news paper.  Some of the topics are odd but others are very interesting.

Cultural Offering tricks me sometimes.  What I have found that he posts mostly in the mornings.  Smart guy he is.  I catch myself going back in the middle of the day to see if he posts something new.  Very rarely if ever.  I can’t stop myself though.  He provides much social commentary, but also some outstanding business and management links.  One of his favorites is Nicholas Bate.  Outstanding insite.  One of his best annual posts is this one, which includes his 25 favorite blogs guaranteed to make you smarter, with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Spectacular.  I find myself some nights listening to the classical music that he links to.  I love watching the skill of the musicians as much as the music.

Last in my hourly routine (Ha ha) is Execupundit.  The author is a business consultant of some kind in Phoenix, Arizona.  I love the quotes, the business thoughts and many of the links he provides.

My goal is to post at least once a week.  Start small and grow if you can.  I sit at the computer every night for a few hours reading articles and watching videos (mainly coaching).  I hate writing, which is why I became an engineer, so this is hard for me, the procrastinator.  Like the author of Cultural Offering says “Start”.

Away we go.  Again.

Let me know what you think

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