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Blog Tags

I don’t write on this blog enough.  Sometimes I just can’t muster up the effort to write.  I hate writing and this is a way to force me to do it.  I had some time yesterday so I wrote a post about the beautiful day that it was.  After writing that post I was looking through my dashboard and noticed I had 563 tags for my posts.  I remembered reading somewhere about people who put a lot of tags on their posts just to get traffic.  A tag whore as it were.  I guess I had become one.

I went through the tags right at that moment to try to cull out the ones that are just dumb.  Looking through the list I was somewhat embarrassed.  Not that anyone reads this blog but the infrequent few who stumble upon it must think me a moron.  I found tags that were exactly the same except for a space such as “barackobama” and “barack obama.”  Others that were misspelled “mortgage” and “mortage,” and even more that there was a capitalization difference “mitt romney” and “Mitt Romney.”   I found others that included names from articles and unnecessary tags just to get readers.

The worse/most useles tag was one for Elliotte Friedman.  I had several different tags that I used to link to his weekly articles.  For those who don’t know he is a writer for one of the Canadian TV networks and covers the NHL.  This really put me in the tag whore hall of fame.  I don’t think I have linked to one of his articles on months.  What I had noticed was that most of my page views were from poor saps that did a search on him and my useless tags directed them to this site.  What they found was an old link to an old article.  What a waste of time for them.  Now they just hit the back button and keep searching, but that meant a page view for me.  Woo hoo!

No more!  I refuse to be a tag whore.

I have gotten rid of most of the tags, and am now down to less than 50.  I tried to keep them primarily topical rather than a person or issue, and to things that I would write about.  I probably could cut out another 50 or so but I will do that over time.  Now to go through the categories to be better organized.

Sunday Morning

It is a beautiful, although cold, Sunday morning here in WNY.  The super blizzard that hit much of the northeast missed us.


An aside on snow in Buffalo.  The City of Buffalo rarely gets all the snow in this area.  The most snow falls to the south of Buffalo in an area known as the “Snow Belt.” This area begins about 15 miles south of the City.  The snow fall gets heavier as you move south because of bands of snow coming off of Lake Erie, called Lake Effect snow bands.  In the winter the prevailing winds are mostly from the north west resulting in the snow fall to the south.  The same happens in Erie, PA.  My town is on the northern end of the snow belt.

This blizzard was caused by an actual storm rather than lake effect snow.  It went to the north of Buffalo, so areas north of the City got more snow than usual.  We got about 6 inches, which is really nothing for this area.  Streets are clear and the sun is out.  Business as usual in this area.

What was I writing about? Oh yeah, a beautiful Sunday morning.  Sitting in my warm house reading the paper, with the sun is shining outside.  I would prefer to be outside in the warm sun reading the paper, but that will have to wait a few months, or at least until we go to Florida for vacation.