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I don’t write on this blog enough.  Sometimes I just can’t muster up the effort to write.  I hate writing and this is a way to force me to do it.  I had some time yesterday so I wrote a post about the beautiful day that it was.  After writing that post I was looking through my dashboard and noticed I had 563 tags for my posts.  I remembered reading somewhere about people who put a lot of tags on their posts just to get traffic.  A tag whore as it were.  I guess I had become one.

I went through the tags right at that moment to try to cull out the ones that are just dumb.  Looking through the list I was somewhat embarrassed.  Not that anyone reads this blog but the infrequent few who stumble upon it must think me a moron.  I found tags that were exactly the same except for a space such as “barackobama” and “barack obama.”  Others that were misspelled “mortgage” and “mortage,” and even more that there was a capitalization difference “mitt romney” and “Mitt Romney.”   I found others that included names from articles and unnecessary tags just to get readers.

The worse/most useles tag was one for Elliotte Friedman.  I had several different tags that I used to link to his weekly articles.  For those who don’t know he is a writer for one of the Canadian TV networks and covers the NHL.  This really put me in the tag whore hall of fame.  I don’t think I have linked to one of his articles on months.  What I had noticed was that most of my page views were from poor saps that did a search on him and my useless tags directed them to this site.  What they found was an old link to an old article.  What a waste of time for them.  Now they just hit the back button and keep searching, but that meant a page view for me.  Woo hoo!

No more!  I refuse to be a tag whore.

I have gotten rid of most of the tags, and am now down to less than 50.  I tried to keep them primarily topical rather than a person or issue, and to things that I would write about.  I probably could cut out another 50 or so but I will do that over time.  Now to go through the categories to be better organized.

Let me know what you think

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