Training at a heart rate

My last post attracted one viewer that is a fellow runner.  I followed the link to his site and found a running site called Run5kaDay.  I was just glancing over the posts and not really paying too much attention to what the basis of the post titles (they are numbered) or what the Run 5k a Day is for (though I could probably guess).  As I was glancing through the titles I found one called “Listen to Your Heart....” This post was all about running at a pace that will meet a certain heart rate.

Through my recent training as I mentioned the other day I had been running 5 miles at a pace of about 9:30 miles.  I hadn’t been wearing my heart rate monitor and didn’t have any idea what my heart rate was during these runs.  After reading the post and the links to it I did a little more research into training based on heart rate.  In short if you train at your optimum rate you will do aerobic exercise and burn fat, and boy do I need to burn fat.  This optimum rate is determined using the 180 rule found on the Run 5k a Day site or assuming around 60% to 70% of your max heart rate.  Being a novice at this these are what I think I read so don’t shoot me if they are wrong.

I began my quest to train using my heart rate.  Running on Monday I started, but without my heart rate monitor.  That is another story for another day.  To track my heart rate I would stop and feel my pulse.  Not the most exact method but it worked.  I wanted to keep my heart rate around 140, and found that a pace of around 10:30 worked okay.  I was shocked to say the least.  But I wanted to stick with it.  I did a little more figuring tonight and dropped the target rate to around 135.  That was eye-opening.  I was running around an 11:00 pace for a five-mile run.  I had to slow down even more towards the end and I couldn’t get it below 145.

Hopefully I can make this work and get my pace up as my heart gets stronger.  I also have decided to do a half marathon in May.  I am going to do some more research to make sure I have the correct targets and a good training plan.  I will record my results on here.

Let me know what you think

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