Monthly Archives: May 2014

Things to do today

Up at 3:16.  Tossing and turning for an hour thinking about all I need to do.  Work is crazy these days.  I am up to my eyeballs in tasks.  But as we say in engineering, “It is good to be busy.” Ha.  A colleague of mine says that statement is like a slave saying to another, “At least we are alive.”

I am working on 7 projects with more in the pipeline and no end in site.  I have 2 projects that I acquired from a former employee of the company.  I was assigned them when they went to bid.  So while I was learning about the project, I had to answer contractor questions about the project.  Finding problems has required significant design on one of the projects.  The worst part is that the project budget is nearly expended and the work is done on my own time.

Today I will be touching in some way all 5 of the projects.  Then I have rehab for my bad back.  I need to remember to call the doctor to schedule a visit to look at my sinus problems, then off to Freshman Orientation for my youngest son.

After all that I will be taking the dog for a walk to relieve some of the adrenaline I have coursing through my veins and try to work through some of the project issues I have.  Hopefully this will let me sleep later than 3 am.