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I own a dog and can’t imagine our house without him there.  I can’t imagine why we didn’t get a dog sooner.  But God works in mysterious ways.

Our dog is a black lab and one of the best dogs around.  He is a mix of some sort but we are not sure a mix of what.  He was adopted after being turned into the SPCA because he was too much work for his owner.  We have really ben blessed.  But I am not a dog lover in the normal sense.  I don’t treat him like one of my kids.  But he acts like one sometimes.  It is great that when I come home from anywhere he acts like I have been gone a year.  That tail is wagging so hard his whole body is moving.  It was like when my kids were toddlers.  They acted the same way.

In any event, I found this post on a site called “Reshareworthy” from a link of a blog I read daily.  It is a great post.  It is called 20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember.


And God made a dog

I found this video on a blog called Justice for Raymond through a link on blog I occasionally read A Simple, Village Undertaker.  A lot of links I know, but I like to attribute the stuff I find.

This is a video similar to the Super Bowl advertisement about farmers.  Listening to it I found the references to things dogs do so familiar because I own a dog.  I don’t think this would resonate the same way if I didn’t.

Have a great day.